Our Collection

If you have many sarees and fashion accessories to store, mix and match different fabric & color bags, pouches and covers.

  • Wedding Dress Cover
  • Gowns Covers
  • Garment's Accessories Covers
  • Coat Covers
  • Sherwani Covers
  • Saree Covers
  • Dry Clean Covers
  • Transparent Dress Covers
  • Transparent Suits Covers
  • Coat Suit Covers
  • Trousers Covers
  • Carry Bags
  • Blouse Covers
  • Laundry Bags
  • Indo Western Covers
  • Waist Coat Covers
  • Pagri Covers
  • T-Shirt Pouches

Normal Product Sizes

Some of the garments come in similar sizes for all, for instance, saree. Therefore, we have created some of the covers in single size, depending upon the product it is to be used for. The coat and blazer covers are available in normal free size- 24 x 38. The normal size of Indo-western is 25 x 46 and saree pouches is 16 x 18. The covers of wedding dress cover, gowns covers are designed in proper Line flare.


The company designs special packaging for sarees. As many showrooms started using these covers as basic packaging material for all garments they sell. The demand for these covers has significantly increased. The covers can be customized on client request. The name of company, brand or showroom can be printed on the covers. These custom printed covers and pouches are great source of advertisement for long run and that too at nominal cost.

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